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For legal persons

Providing comprehensive legal assistance for legal entities: consultations on operation and management of the companies, tax payment, company representation in negotiations preparation of procedural documents, we help clients to solve all legal questions and problems.

Conducting pre-trial debt recovery from legal entities. Drafting contracts, other legal documents, procedural documents – applications, complaints, requests, actions, responses, replies, rejoinders and etc. Preparing company's operation and management documents and contracts, representing company's interests in court. Preparation of legal assessment of any documents submitted by the client. Representation of clients in negotiation and dispute resolutions, representation of clients in other state institutions, private companies and etc.

Incorporation of legal entities: individual enterprises, private limited liability companies, small partnerships and etc.

Our law firm provides legal assistance to legal entities paying them an hourly wage for our work or clients can pay fixed monthly payment for the provision of legal services.

Legal assistance for a fixed price is a lawyer working for your company. This is a person with whom you can always consult, you pay the fee for legal assistance provided in the contract and you always know, that you won't spend more money than it is provided in the contract. Merits: you always have legal assistance on legal issues in emergency, always quickly accessible legal assistance, you have your lawyer or jurist, you don't need to employ him in your company and pay taxes for him. Services are provided by the legal services contract.

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